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Why we write guides in English dates back to Neil's early cycling trips (about 40 years ago), when he tried touring with a jolly group of workmates and their hangers-on. He started cycling again after a break of about 20 years and enjoyed it. Still in the UK, dedicated car-driver, Judith decided that he had a death wish, but was persuaded to try touring when they married and she came to Germany. For her it was a sort of open-sesame into German society and an excellent way to discover much off-the-beaten-track countryside. Our first major tour on his fairly new Swiss seven-gear touring bike and her three-speed mail order clunker was along the Danube from its source to Vienna. We found it tremendously exhilerating in spite of dreadful weather at the start and a stomach disorder at the end. We then started to look farther afield and discovered that there were few books in English about cycling in Germany. Some of the German cycle guides seemed rather vague about parts of their routes, whereas we gathered first hand experience in the saddle, rain, shine or punctures notwithstanding. We thought that there was room in the world for European cycle guides researched on bicycles and written in English. Both of us were working in scientific publishing and had found out a bit about book publishing. Tentative discussions with publishers of 'outdoor guides' about this groundbreaking idea revealed absolutely no interest, cycling touring for English speakers was a dead duck it seemed. Aided by new software and the rise of the Internet we decided to publish cycle touring guides on a small scale. Our books cover cycling in Germany and Switzerland, with excursions into AustriaFranceItaly and the Netherlands.

We have also written a book for Cicerone, the best known British outdoor publisher: "Cycle Touring in Switzerland". We normally have copies of this book for sale in case anybody wants an autographed copy. To be honest, the book is available from booksellers, Amazon and Cicerone themselves often with free postage, so it is, unfortunately probably wiser to buy the book from somewhere else. If you are looking for information on cycling in Europe, we hope that some of our links will help you. If you feel that you would like to buy one or more of our nine self-published books we will be overjoyed to send it or them to you. If after looking through the site and/or one or more of the books, you still have a question or two then drop us a line either by snail mail or eMail. We will do our best to give you the tools to answer the question/s as soon as possible, though please bear in mind that we need to roam the highways and byways in summer to research our next book. Although we endeavour to check our eMail frequently, we can’t do it every day when underway. 

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