We have written and published ten books on cycling in Europe (Click on each title to view a description of the book):

"Cycling the Riesling Route"

"The Rhine End-to-End part 1: Andermatt to Basel"

"The Rhine End-to-End part 2: Basel to Rotterdam" (Out of print)

"Mainly in High Gear A cycling guide around Lake Constance" (eBook)

"Where marmots dare... Swiss Route 3 from Basel to Chiasso"

“The Romantic Road from Würzburg to Füssen Culture-nature-romance A Cycle Guide from North to South and South to North”

"Cycling the Romantic Road from Würzburg to Füssen" (eBook)

"Cycle Touring in Northern Germany"

"Cycle Touring in Switzerland"

"Following the Rhine gently upstream Rotterdam to Basel. A Cycle Tourist's Guide" (eBook)

If you wish to buy the printed books you can pay electronically by PayPal® using the shopping cart. The prices charged in the electronic system are based on Euros and the pound prices are calculated from them using the daily exchange rates. We quote prices in the electronic ordering system that include postage, because it is easier to organise using Paypal's shopping cart. Customers who wish to pay in US$ should order from Omnimap takes credit cards. Unfortunately our printing costs have risen by 60% recently and the pound has lost 50% of its value, so most of our books have risen in price. "Rhine End to End part I" of which we still have stocks cost €15. Postage costs have also changed and this is reflected in the p&p costs. 

The eBooks can be bought from Smashwords or Amazon.

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