The Rest of Europe

The north of Italy including bilingual Südtirol, offers good cycling and mountain biking. Farther south Tuscany and the Abbruzzo Mountains have charms for the cyclist. I am reading a Donne Leon thriller at the moment that suggests that Venice is too hot in summer for cycling, for anything actually. This suggests that it is better to stay in the mountains in summer.

The Danube flows on after Vienna and finally reaches the Black Sea. DTZ, the German Development Agency supported efforts to extend the route through Rumania to the Black Sea. All of the eastern European countries have realised the advantages of cycle touring and are making efforts to build up their own cycling networks. The borders of eastern Europe have become much more porous but the farthest east we have been is the western edge of Poland and that was by mistake. We thought we were entering Germany and so had half an hour in transit! Obviously cycling in some of the countries farther east will appeal to those of a more pioneering spirit, because not all the facilities we expect in the West will be available. As an example taken from a web site on Rumanian: "Journeys at night should be avoided due to many un-lit horse-drawn vehicles without reflectors on the road. In villages many animals are to be found wandering on the road, particularly geese, cattle and dogs.

We ourselves have not ventured farther north in Scandinavia because one of us has a major allergy to midge bites, but we have read and heard good reports about Norway and co.

If these suggestions aren't enough: Good places for information about cycling in Europe are Crazy Guy on a Bike ( the Trento Bike Pages As well, if you point your favourite search engine to “cycling in europe” you will be overwhelmed with information.

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