Clubs and Organisations

If you are new to cycling or cycle touring it is a good idea to join or at least contact a cycling club, where in our experience the good clubs will make you feel very welcome. If this is not so, and cyclists like other human beings are not perfect then look for another club or another local association. 

Britain: The CTC Cyclists’ Touring Club is a long established cycling organisation in Great Britain. If you live in Britain and enjoy cycling it is well worth joining: Members can tap a wide range of cycling experience, obtain reduced price cycle and cyclists’ insurance and rebates on travel. As a member you will be made very welcome by the local and regional groups who organise full and half day tours. The CTC offers a full programme of guided cycling tours worldwide.

Clarion Cycling Club The originally socialist, internationally orientated club is still active. You can join and take part in their activities by contacting one of the local sections. As the "Guardian" wrote on September 6, 2004: "But it is grand to see a return to the tradition of the socialist riders of the Clarion Cycling Club, who genuinely wanted sport and good health for all."

If you live or work in London then think about joining the London Cycling Campaign. Its aim is to make the great wen, a world class cycling city, but just don't hold your breathe, or may be you should considering the air quality in the "smoke".

If you live, study or work in East Anglia or even intend to go touring there, check out the University of East Anglia Bicycle Users Group UEA BUG web site.

Britain and anywhere else: If you join the Youth Hostels Association or your national association you can stop at a wide range of youth hostels all over Europe. The Youth Hostels Association in Britain offers cycling weekends at various hostels.

Germany: The odd name of the ADFC, Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club (General German Cycling Club) can be seen as cocking a snoot at the older German motoring organisation: Allgemeiner Deutscher Auto Club (ADAC). It has had much success in lobbying for cycleways and facilities in Germany. If you are going to cycle in Germany it is worthwhile checking out the web site and its links especially the “Bett und Bike” information. These are lists of hotels and simpler accommodation for both cyclists and their bicycles. However you will need some German. We have been trying to persuade the ADFC staff responsible for some years to have an English language version, but they want a high cost version with everything translated whereas we feel a simpler version could be translated more cheaply. Our help was politely refused. 

If you are employed in the Heidelberg-Mannheim-Ludwigshafen area of Germany and wish to enjoy cycling with a jolly bunch of fellow enthusiasts, then cast a gander at the ADFC Mannheim Home Page.

Switzerland: The Swiss cycling club IG Velo Schweiz web site offers information about the club in German, French and English.

Luxembourg is small, definitely smaller than LA but has more bicycles and the Luxembourg cycling club LVI Lëtzebuerger Velos-Initiativ is small but very active. The web site is in English, German and French and unlike their magazine not in Lëtzebuergisch, the national dialect. It features a full listing of their activities and some good cartoons (under Gallery). The LVI offers a Bed and Bike website in German and French (

Belgium: As is to be expected there are two Belgian cycle clubs: A Flemish Club in the North: Fietsersbond and a French one in the South: Gracq. They do cooperate however. Both web sites are monolingual.

The Netherlands: Quite why there is a Dutch national cycling organisation we cannot understand, since almost everybody in the Netherlands cycles and there are almost as many bicycles as people in the country. There is a cycle club: Fietserbond and it has a nice site in Dutch with one page in English.

Europe: The European Cyclists' Federation is an umbrella organisation giving all the national cycling a voice in Europe. While membership is limited to organisations and companies, its website offers useful links and information about the Eurovelo long distance cycle routes across Europe.

USA: The League of American Bicyclists is 130 years old and very active in defending the rights of US cyclists and trying to improve facilities.

The US Adventure Cycling Association ( offers members a magazine and both members and others a wide range of cycle maps and guides. You cannot yet buy our guides there, but we are working on it. You can still order the books directly from us or the ebook from Smashwords or Amazon

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