Commercially Organised Bike Touring

We are gradually putting together this list. If you have a company offering tours and your name is not here, drop us a line.

There are lots of companies and organisations offering both group and independent cycling holidays or tours in Europe. There are various concepts: guided and self guided tours, fixed base tours where one can explore a region. Guided tours can range from tours with sag wagon back up and cooked picnics underway to more basic tours where the party cycles daily without back up. Most major cities have one or more organisations offering guided tours of the city on bicycles. These organisations are useful if you don't speak the language in a country, especially one where English is not widely spoken and to save the effort of finding and booking hotels. We once went to Mallorca in the autumn and found that English was not spoken more than about 10 km from the coast. As a consequence we ate cheese sandwiches and drank Sprite every lunchtime, because  we knew the Spanish for these two items, but nothing else. However these services: a sag wagon, baggage transport, hotel booking, route planning etc. all cost money. These holidays are thus more expensive than organising your own trip. However, if you have never been on a cycle touring holiday, it is a good way to start, if only to learn what you don't want to do. 

On a self guided holiday clients are given maps and information and cycle from pre-booked hotel to pre-booked hotel, often with luggage transfer and back up from staff based in the area.

Nobody has paid us to have their name posted here, unfortunately. Appearance or non-appearance in this list is not a sign of quality or otherwise. 

British Organisations

The Cyclists Touring Club ( who offer both guided and self guided tours. 

The Holiday Fellowship ( who offer guided, self guided and fixed base tours.

Cycle Breaks ( offer self guided holidays in Austria, France, Germany and Italy.

Wildcat Bike Tours offer MTB and road bike holidays in Scotland, Morocco and Mongolia.

Freewheel Holidays ( offer guided tours including boat and bike tours.

Forever Morzine offers Alpine touring including Mont Ventoux and district.

Headwater ( offer self guided tours in a number of regions across Europe.

French Cycling Holidays ( offer both leisure and sport guided tours across France. The sport tours demand a higher level of fitness. 

French Fusion, ( offer accommodation in SW France and mountain biking in the Pyrenees amongst other options.

Organisations in the USA offering holidays in Europe

Digngo A US-French company offering tours in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Backroads ( offer tours all over Europe.

Outfitter Bicycle Tours ( offer guided tours following the Tour de France, for example and self guided tours in Provence and Tuscany.

Pure Adventure Holidays offer self guided trips in a number of European countries.

Organisations in New Zealand offering holidays in Europe

Kiwi Style Bike Tours offers guided tours in mountains for well trained cyclists.

Organisations in the Czech Republic offering holidays in Europe

Adventura Bike Holidays focuses on organising bike tours in Central Europe. Some of the tours highlight the Czech Republic's most famous export - beer

Organisations in Spain offering holidays in Europe

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